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Audio files:

- all audio files:
  (~40MB zipped ISO file / CD image)

- story files:
  (~12MB zipped package of MP3 files)

Html files:

- all text files and images, without audio:
  (~16 MB zipped ISO file / CD image)

All files:

- text, images and audio:
  (~60 MB zipped ISO file / CD image)

Each of the ZIP files contains an ISO image file (*.ISO). These are basically a copy of the entire data of a CD-ROM inside one file.

Update: a recent security update in Windows Media Player has led to parent path links to the audio files not working on the CD or harddisk any more (i.e. only online on the web site, but not offline). A solution is being worked on. In the meantime, you may use the Apple QuickTime plug-in to play back the audio. Further infos are on the Audio help page.

To create a CD: You should use your CD burning software to create one or more CDs based on the unzipped ISO file(s). Usually double-clicking on the ISO file opens your burning software, and you can directly proceed to write the CD. If double-clicking the file doesn't open the burner, you will have to start it yourself, and select from its menus the equivalent of "Burn Image", "Burn RAW", or File => Open => Image File, or consult the help file of the software.
Please note that you must not burn the ISO file itself onto the CD - this would lead to a CD with only this single file on it. Instead be sure to open the .ISO as an image and burn it as an image.
If your CD burning software doesn't support ISO images, you can try for example the trial version of Ahead Nero (

To extract files from the .ISO: If you do not want to create a CD, you'll have to extract the ISO file contents to a folder on e.g. your harddisk. Programs that you can use for extraction are for example the free CDmage (screenshot File open and Extract files) and the 50-50 freeware/shareware IsoBuster (screenshot Extract files). Fully commercial programs with trial versions are e.g. WinISO, MagicISO, ...

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