How to fix audio playback problems

If you haven't installed any audio player yet, there are some free players for Windows and Mac OS which you could use:

Microsoft Media Player
free, newest version for download, earlier versions are often already
included in a Windows 98/ME/2k/XP install

Apple QuickTime
free, mpeg and Apple video and audio player for both Mac and Windows

RealNetworks RealOne
a very bloated and slow player (14-day trial) but some may like it

good free version of an audio and mpeg video player - however, not a browser plug-in

Linux mplayer and mplayerplug-in for Mozilla
should allow you to play back MP3 files in Mozilla (we haven't tested it, though)
you can also search for RPM's

Browsers for which audio has been tested using QuickTime and Media Player:

Windows (Win98 or newer):
Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6
Netscape newer than 4.7x
Opera 5 or newer
Mozilla and Firefox (in Windows: Apple QuickTime plug-in only)

Audio may work well in other browsers and with other player plug-ins, too.

Note for IE6:  A security update for IE6 (KB912812, 06/2006) purposefully breaks the direct user interaction with standard HTML embedded objects like audio. Users will have to click the audio control every time before being able to use it.

There is a temporary patch from Microsoft (KB917425) to fix this security and patent issue update fix. Download the KB917425 fix. Alternatively, you can use another browser. For example Opera and Firefox are not affected by this IE problem.
(The JScript workaround hack officially suggested by Microsoft will not be implemented on the Finnish For Foreigners pages, since the workaround is unreliable and likely to break audio playback completely for many users.)

Sometimes, installing a player like WinAmp, RealOne, QuickTime, etc, may cause playback of web page audio to cease working. Instead of an audio control box you would get a blank image, or a "no plug-in found" or similar error. Here are a few short advice which will hopefully help you to get the web page audio to function again:

Fix for playing embedded MP3s in Windows Media Player
- start Windows Media Player
- menu: Extras => Options => File formats
- find "MP3 Audio file" or "MP3 Audio format", and check it. It should not be greyed out. (you can ignore the other entries)


Fix for playing embedded MP3s in RealOne Player
- start RealOne
- menu: Tools => Preferences => Content => Media Types
- check the entries "MP3 Audio" in "MP3", and additionally "MPEG Audio" in "Other Media" (you can ignore the other entries)


Fix for playing embedded MP3s in Apple QuickTime
- close your browser
- start the QuickTime Player
- menu: select Edit => Preferences => Quick Time Preferences
- in the QuickTime Settings window that opened up, select "Browser Plug-In"

- click on the "MIME Settings" button
- in the new window, check the MP3 entry (you can ignore the other entries)

- click Ok to close, then close all previous QuickTime windows

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